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A-Line Dresses are the Solution to Everything

January 5, 2018
Beautiful a-line dress on the runway

Benefits of wearing an a-line dress

I’m a big fan of the a-line dress. Many silhouettes can look good for the right body types. The a-line skirt or dress is versatile and can be flattering.

Create the appearance of a waist

The right dress can be gathered at the waist, making a shape for those who don’t naturally have a defined waistline. A more casual day allows for one to tuck a top into a flared skirt. This technique emphasises the shape more than an untucked top. However, I naturally have quiet a waist and prefer a loose flowing top that hides my middle.

Dresses that hide a tummy

Particular women feel the desire to hide a natural permanent belly or a baby bump. Either way, pieces that flare from the waist can hide lumps and bumps more than a straighter silhouette.

A more feminine look

A-line dresses and skirts can provide a feminine appearance. Longer hemlines will be reminiscent of 50s styles. A mini skirt or dress can feel more modern.

Many work outfits involve pencil skirts and shift dresses. A more flared version can be suitable for the office, if worn in a plain neutral colour and minimal details.

Wear it your way

These were some ways in which I select outfits for my body type. We’re all different.

V-neck a-line mini dress
V-neck a-line mini dress.
Image: Flickr creative commons



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