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Australian eco fashion

March 23, 2019
Natural sustainable fabrics

Where to find eco fashion in Australia


This list includes places to shop for ethical eco fashion.

Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation

The fashion and jewellery sections bring fair trade pieces for a great cause.

Thread Harvest

Shop based on your values at this store. Choose products that support a fair living wage, empowering women, eco-friendly, fair trade, employing the marginalised and supporting charity.

Sustainable products at this site are ethical, natural and local.

Well Made Clothes

A diverse range of values are supported by this retailer. Choose from brands that aim to be handcrafted, transparent, sustainable, local, fair, minimal waste, vegan and gender equal.

Pure Pod

This brand includes Australian made woven materials.

Auguste the Label

They list environmental and ethical processes such as fabrics, factories, packaging and charities.


Values at Ecoture can be cruelty-free, ethically made, handmade, natural, organic, sustainable, up-cycled/recycled, vegan or vegetarian.

Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna has a great range of sustainable products, including fashion. See their other sections to go eco in other areas of life.


These clothes are sustainable, fair trade, vegan organic materials.

Eco Mono

Eco.Mono is a “curated collection of sustainable monochrome clothing…”

Find your next piece of eco fashion

This is just some of the environmentally friendly fashion in the world. Do your own search for eco sustainable fashion when updating your wardrobe.


Natural cotton denim fabric
Natural cotton denim fabric.
Image: Pixabay creative commons edited

Featured image: Natural sustainable fabrics, Pixabay creative commons edited

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