Eco | Fashion

Australian eco fashion

By on March 23, 2019
Natural sustainable fabrics

Where to find eco fashion in Australia   This list includes places to shop for ethical eco fashion. Catherine Hamlin Fistula Foundation The fashion and jewellery sections bring fair trade pieces for a great cause. Thread Harvest Shop based on your values at this store. Choose products that support a fair living wage, empowering women, […]

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Food and Cooking | Vegetarian

Easy vegetarian meals

By on February 3, 2019
Vegetarian tofu tacos

Delicious vegetarian methods for those favourite easy meals Anyone can enjoy delicious balanced vegetarian foods, even if you’re not always adhering to a vegetarian diet. Responsibly prepared vegetarian meals are great ways to save money, be healthy, reduce an eco footprint and of naturally be kind to animals. You don’t have to be a vegetarian […]

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Vegetarian pizza

By on January 31, 2019
Vegetarian pizza

Ways to make a vegetarian pizza at home Veggie pizzas can be delicious. Start with toppings of staple ingredients. Then bring the flavour to a new level with herbs and sauces. Here’s a list of some pizza toppings that I genuinely use at home:  Olives I recently tried topping my pizza with marinated olives. The […]

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Christmas | Food and Cooking

How to use up leftovers after Christmas lunch and dinner

By on December 26, 2018
Roasted dinner with meat and vegetables

Creating meals from Christmas leftovers Christmas is well and truly over. Leftover food is abundant after the great feasts. Here are ideas about what to do with leftover Christmas food. Toasted Sandwiches Roasted meats and vegetables are great fillings in toasted sandwiches. These could be made in a cafe-style sandwich press. Alternatively, jaffle makers create […]

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Fashion | Motherhood

Stylish Mother Outfit Inspiration

By on December 10, 2018
Casual trendy mother and friends having coffee

Fashionable Outfits for a Working Mother or Stylish Dressed Up Parent Motherhood is a unique experience. The children are the top priority. Countless hours go into supporting the family, whether you work outside or at home with the little ones. You’re still a person. Keep your sense of identity and self-esteem. Dress for yourself, even […]

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Closet Storage | Storage

Which Coat Hangers Are Best

By on November 28, 2018
Wardrobe of clothes on wooden and clip hangers

Choosing hangers for clothes in the wardrobe closet We can benefit from caring for our clothes, whether they are bargain finds or treasured quality pieces. The right hanger can give more support for a garment. Improve storage in your wardrobe closet with these coat hanger ideas. What clothes hangers I depend on I now mostly […]

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happiness | Inspiration | Motivation | Success

How I find courage

By on October 27, 2018
Woman with confidence and happiness

How I learned to find courage and face seemingly impossible challenges  What is courage? It’s worth knowing what sort of courage we’re aiming for here. The Collins Dictionary defines courage as, “the quality shown by someone who decides to do something difficult or dangerous, even though they may be afraid.” A couple of aspects in this definition are particularly comforting. Courage can involve doing “something difficult […]

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happiness | Wellness

Pursuing better breathing

By on October 22, 2018
Breathing and meditation at work or anywhere

Strategies to consider when trying to improve breathing We all need to become more conscious of our breathing. A focus on calm deep breathing can be highly beneficial. I am not from a medical background. I simply discovered the positive impact on my own life. Some of my ways could help others for better breathing. […]

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