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Clever Wardrobe Storage Solutions

November 10, 2018
Organised wardrobe closet

Ways to organise a wardrobe closet

Many of us acquire an abundance of clothing, shoes and accessories. These possessions need to be organised to avoid clutter. Here are some storage solutions for the wardrobe closet.

The old keep-and-toss

Before looking to store beloved kept items, set aside anything you don’t truly want to keep. If a clothing item is the wrong size, an unwanted style or just impractical, why keep it? Some clothes are occasionally useful and could be stored away for a later time. I live in a warm climate. But my thick coats will be useful if I eventually travel to a colder destination. They can be stored out of the way until then. Other clothes will never be needed again. Those slogan tees from college? They can go to a better place. Figure out what’s needed in the everyday closet, what can be tucked away and what can be responsibly given a new life elsewhere.

Sustainable donating, reselling and repurposing

Don’t just throw garments in the garbage bin. Look at any clothes, shoes and accessories that are still in a decent condition. These can be donated to charity or sold as second hand. Try selling quality unwanted pieces on eBay, Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace. There are also buy/swap/sell groups. If something is really damaged, it could be repurposed or just thrown out. Is an old tee shirt very ripped or de-coloured? Cut this into pieces as cleaning rags. The world has an over-abundance of clothing. But there’s always a way to responsibly dispose of old clothes and accessories.

Stacking on Normal Hangers

Now you know what’s really needed in the everyday closet, let’s keep it organised and tidy. Try keeping a couple of garments together on the one hanger if the fabrics will cope. A pair of soft trousers could be kept on the same hanger as the coordinating shirt. Then the whole outfit is easier to find. This strategy is perfect when reducing clutter and also saving space when getting ready. Instead of rummaging for a pairing of separates, an outfit is right there on the one hanger. Convenient!

Multi Hanger

There are special clothes hangers that can fit multiple garments. I’m able to neatly layer a few pairs of trousers on the one hanger. You might need to search more and find these. But it’s worth the hunt. This will keep categories of things bundled together. My hubby uses multi hangers for trousers. Some baby clothes come layered on a single hanger. So a bunch of singlets or onesies can hang in one place. If you’re looking for one kind of garment, this bundling will simplify the search in your closet.

Portable Draws

Find some small removable draws that can fit into the top of the wardrobe. Consider the plastic stacked trays that are available in office supply stores. My wardrobes have shelves at the top. I like to section these into categories so I know where things are. These sections can be labelled so we know what’s in each box. You can use a label maker or simple sticky labels. I used to sticky tape post-it-notes because they were handy. This doesn’t have to be fancy.

Collapsible Boxes

Save space in the long term by selecting boxes that can be collapsed. They are easier to store when not in use. Any storage products are extra useful when folded or stacked. Let’s face it. Those storage supplies should not consume excess space. It’s just too ironic.

Stackable Shoe Rack

Keep more of your footwear in one place by stacking a shoe rack. I have other version that are just next to each other. These take up more space on the floor. By vertically stacking shoe racks higher, there should be more space for everything else.

Book Shelves

Shelving is not just for books. A good book shelf is great for stories shoes and accessories. Try this option if your closet is more of a whole room. It’s best when there’s extra wall space and you’re happy for things to be on display.

Jewellery Hangers

I continue using a variety of jewellery hangers. There are hanging pockets that are meant for either accessories or shoes. I keep the bulkier accessories in these, such as chunky beads. Then wire jewellery hangers are great for dangling a bunch of chains.

Any kind of hanger saves lots of space. It can just hook onto the wardrobe rail. Some can dangle from a picture hook or over a door. Figure out a solution to fit your accessories into the area you have.

Think outside the box

Get creative with your own alternative solutions for wardrobe storage. Try different portable draws, collapsible boxes, multi-hangers, hooks, shelves, trays and containers.

Featured image: Pixabay creative commons, edited/filtered

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