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Easy vegetarian meals

February 3, 2019
Vegetarian tofu tacos

Delicious vegetarian methods for those favourite easy meals

Anyone can enjoy delicious balanced vegetarian foods, even if you’re not always adhering to a vegetarian diet. Responsibly prepared vegetarian meals are great ways to save money, be healthy, reduce an eco footprint and of naturally be kind to animals. You don’t have to be a vegetarian to eat vegetarian foods. Either try these dishes occasionally or consume them all the time for a new lifestyle.

Let’s get a few things straight. I value the importance of eating less meat but I’m not strictly vegetarian. I’m also mostly competent at cooking very simple meals with few ingredients. My personal preference is also for quite ordinary uncomplicated meals. This approach requires less shopping and hopefully less time. That being said, I have grown to appreciate vegetarian meals for their environmental benefits and delicious tastes. Here are some veggie dishes that can be personalised for anyone’s taste.

Keep in mind, this guide is vegetarian and not vegan. That’s what I prefer. If you’re looking into veganism, just find alternatives such as vegan cheese. Most of these foods can be substituted to fit the spectrum of dietary requirements.

Vegetable Pizza


A vegetarian pizza can feel great. As much as I enjoy those super meaty pizzas, sometimes it seems overwhelming or unbalanced. Vegetables can make a pizza feel very fresh and tasty.

Vegetarian tomato pizza
Vegetarian tomato pizza.
Image: Pixabay creative commons edited

When eating out, a pizza could have just a few toppings. Or some venues may allow customisation. When making a pizza at home, there’s great freedom to eat the exact foods you want.

A good pizza doesn’t have to be complicated. My at-home pizzas normally have just two or three toppings. Then the base doesn’t get overloaded. There’s a neat scattering of tasty ingredients.

Vegetarian Burgers

Meat-free burger can be delicious. I love to eat the lentil patties from the freezer section of the supermarket. Keeping it even more simple, try frying some halloumi instead of beef.

Grilled vegetarian haloumi burger with romaine lettuce
Grilled vegetable and haloumi burger with romaine lettuce.
Image: iStock, edited


Vegetarian Tacos

Mexican tacos can be made in a variety of tasty vegetarian meals. Try using beans, tofu or fish. These can be mixed with the usual Mexican ingredients. My favourite basic ingredients for Mexican meals are tomato, onion and rice.


Vegetarian tofu tacos
Vegetarian tofu tacos.
Image: iStock, edited

Barbecue or Grilled Skewers

You really can put almost any foods on skewers. These pictured skewer kebabs are salad themed. Vegetable skewers could also be grilled veggies such as pumpkin and zucchini.


Vegetarian skewers
Vegetarian skewers.
Image: Pixabay creative commons edited



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