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What Other Women Wear During Pregnancy

April 15, 2018
Pleated formal dress


Modern Pregnancy Fashion Inspiration


I’m only a couple of months into pregnancy, and already looking online for inspiration about what to wear. I hope to make the most of existing items that are already in my wardrobe. My everyday at-home style is more based on comfort than before. Although casual outfits don’t have to be daggy. When going out, I want stylish outfits that still allow me to feel good.

New decisions are made when creating a pregnancy wardrobe. How many items should be from a dedicated maternity range? Which existing pieces can be worn as normal clothing during pregnancy? Here is some inspiration from what other women wore over their bumps.


Empire Waistline


Empire waist dress
Empire waist dress – image from Pixabay, filtered.


An empire waist can gather comfortably under the bust for shape. Fabric then flows freely over the body, gliding gently over the belly. Casual and formal empire dresses can have you covered for all occasions.


Pleated Details


Pleated formal dress
Pleated formal dress.
Image: Pixabay, filtered.


Pleats are beautiful details that can add volume. Look for thin subtle folds that give just a bit more freedom. For a more oversized or dramatic option, find big boxy pleats.


Figure Hugging Tank Singlet


Pregnancy tank top
Pregnancy tank top.
Image: Pixabay, filtered.


Some women feel proud about showing off a baby bump. A tight tank will flaunt that growing tummy. If wearing separates, a tank top can be layered with anything. Alternatively, a fitted tank style dress is an easy one-step outfit.


Casual Baggy Tee


Baggy tee shirt during pregnancy
Baggy tee shirt during pregnancy.
Image: Pixabay, filtered


Loose comfortable clothing is essential for quiet days at home. Take a break from dressing up the bump. Instead, just throw on a baggy tee shirt.


Balancing Comfort and Style


Pregnancy is full of big decisions and surprises. A  maternity capsule wardrobe should be fuss-free to make life easier.

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