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Keeping a Personal Style for Pregnancy Outfits

July 29, 2018
Pregnant woman in floral dress

Bringing a Funky Style to Maternity Wear Outfits and Wardrobe

We have all seen basic maternity and nursing clothes. But let’s keep some personal style when expecting. Every mother-to-be should have freedom to look and feel amazing.

Theme Your Outfit with Accessories and Layers

Pregnant woman in country boho outfit
Pregnant woman in country boho outfit.
Image: iStock, edited


The relaxed boho casual style is now very popular, especially in coastal places and trendy city communities. Start with basic maternity wear or comfortably fitting non-maternity clothes. Then style a quirky twist.

Have fun with outerwear, footwear and accessories that can transform any wardrobe basics. Find those favourite pieces that don’t depend on size.

This black maternity slip was dressed down with country style boots, a soft chunky cardigan and a colour-coordinated hat. Bold bling jewellery turns this ensemble from quiet casual to street-style glam.

The same little black dress and earrings could be worn to a party. Just swap the boots for low heels or shimmering flats. Then swap the cardigan for a blazer jacket. Outerwear and accessories can so easily dress up a maternity wardrobe.

Cool accessories are also great retail therapy treats when expecting. Clothes may fit better before, during or after pregnancy. Whereas jewellery, hats and bags can be used during any phase of life.

Dress Like Fashion Week During Any Day

Fashionable pregnant woman in knit and vest
Fashionable pregnant woman in knit and vest.
Image: iStock, edited

This look oozes cool fashion fan vibes. Flick through galleries of street style photos. Get inspiration from street style pictures and adapt your outfit for the bump. This knit stretches comfortably over the bump. Experiment with sizes and fabrics. Find non-maternity pieces that feel great during any trimester.

Then add pieces that won’t be impacted by the bump. Now is the opportunity to show off outerwear such as jackets, boleros and vests. I like to wear button-up tops openly unbuttoned because they’re lighter than jackets. This (faux) fur vest brings instant texture. Even light lace could enhance any ensemble. Be creative.

In a fashion-week-style wardrobe, anything is possible. Keep your creative flair during pregnancy by dressing in bump-friendly standout pieces.

Free-Spirited Florals and Flowing Fabrics

Pregnant woman in floral dress
Pregnant woman in floral dress
Image: iStock, edited

The hippie mumma vibe is very Instagram-worthy. Flowing boho dresses and tops are ideal during pregnancy because they’re so gentle on the tummy.┬áThere’s also deeper meaning behind these personal styles.

It’s a way for women to visually represent their philosophical beliefs. Whether you’re super spiritual or simply counter cultural, express your inner hippie chick during pregnancy. Maybe you’re a chilled out individual and value calmness. You might have a daily routine of yoga or mindful meditation. Aromatherapy might waft through your home on a daily basis. Maybe you’re just at one with nature, preferring a calm walk through the trees. Hold onto that boho vibe when dressing during pregnancy.

Wonderful boho pieces are widely available. Wear a gentle elastic-waist peasant skirt under the bump with a plain top. Find a roomy tunic that covers over leggings or maternity jeans. On warmer days, chill out in a floral maxi dress. I know I feel more comfortable just by wearing comfy creative clothes.

Bold Fluorescent and Neon Colours

Pregnant woman in fluorescent green maternity dress
Pregnant woman in fluorescent green maternity dress.
Image: iStock, edited

Stand out from the crowd in a loudly coloured bump-friendly statement piece. Sure, neutrals are an acceptable base or capsule wardrobe. Then some bright bold colours will liven up a look.

At least try one or two standout pieces for special parties. Wear a tame silhouette to then keep all attention on the brightness. Stay balanced by pairing it with a neutral jacket and shoes in denim, black or white.

Summer is a great time for fluorescent or neon clothes. A flowing maxi dress would look amazing in highlighter pink or green. Such a generously shaped dress would provide greater comfort for the growing bump. Any gathered waist could also help. This pictured dress has a drawstring to emphasise shape. Comfort is key. If you’re feeling confident, that’s what matters.

Geometric Prints

Pregnant women in spotty dot maternity dress
Pregnant women in spotty dot maternity dress.
Image: iStock, edited

A geometric print can be a classic wardrobe staple. Take a step beyond plain maternity basics by adding prints. These can be worn at work or anywhere. It’s a refreshing break from the block coloured essentials.

Polka dots are particularly versatile in moderation. Wear a metallic foil version to stay on trend. I prefer a scattering of little tiny dots. There’s something stretchy about big printed spots on clothes. But go with anything that seems right.

Stripes are also very timeless. Try black and white for a bold mod monochrome statement. I have been wearing striped tees for days at home. I keep a couple of short sleeved ones and also some long sleeved versions. If you’re choosing stripes when going out, find a striped blazer and wear it open. It could feel less intense than being covered in the print. Wear it your way.

There are loads of geometric printed clothes and accessories these days. Maternity and non-maternity ranges often include some geo prints. If you prefer just a hint of change without dressing wildly, this could be the best option.


Subjective Personalalised Style

These ideas are the subjective opinion of Melanie Suzanne Wilson. They are inspired by maternity fashion images from across the globe. Do what’s right for you. Dress your bump to stay comfy on the inside and outside.

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