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Pursuing better breathing

By on October 22, 2018
Breathing and meditation at work or anywhere

Strategies to consider when trying to improve breathing We all need to become more conscious of our breathing. A focus on calm deep breathing can be highly beneficial. I am not from a medical background. I simply discovered the positive impact on my own life. Some of my ways could help others for better breathing. […]

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Finding peace in chaos

By on December 1, 2017

Words by Melanie Suzanne Wilson   Life can be busy. Life can have conflict. We can actively pursue more peaceful habits. Discovering and practicing mindfulness Become mindful to experience proven roads to peace. Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman wrote about Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) in the book Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in […]

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Avoiding Burnout

By on March 2, 2017
Tired woman working at a desk

Avoiding Burnout in a Workaholic World Burnout is a real issue in our multitasking modern society. Life brings more conflicting priorities than ever. Here are some ways in which I avoid burnout in my life. Start Early and Stop Procrastinating Proactive early action will help any workload, much more than procrastination ever could. A known deadline […]

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How to Have Fun During a Heat Wave

By on February 26, 2017

Cool Leisure During a Heat Wave Australia recently experienced extreme heat waves. Some of us felt too warm to even go outside. Weather got so extreme, people actually cooked food on a car. Australia became the hottest place on earth for a day. Cooler activities, out of the sun, can feel more soothing. A break from the sunshine […]

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