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Vegetarian pizza

January 31, 2019
Vegetarian pizza

Ways to make a vegetarian pizza at home

Veggie pizzas can be delicious. Start with toppings of staple ingredients. Then bring the flavour to a new level with herbs and sauces.

Here’s a list of some pizza toppings that I genuinely use at home: 


I recently tried topping my pizza with marinated olives. The flavour was amazing. Know what kinds of olives you like the most. Also get familiar with cutting olives or buying pre-cut or pre-sliced olives. My recent pizzas had the olives in halves or thin slices because that’s how they came from the deli. Olives can change the taste of a pizza with very little effort.

Classic veggies

Of course, a pizza can have the classic vegetables. Some can be altered for a more interesting dish. Capsicum (bell pepper) is fairly standard on a pizza. Mix it up with a jar of roasted capsicum instead. Tomato is another normal pizza topping, be it cherry tomatoes or large slices. Try swapping fresh tomato for slices of semi dried tomato. Do it your way.

Basil or spinach leaves

Scatter a few leaves of spinach or basil atop the completed pizza. Those greens can bring a new texture and also look interesting. I would add these toppings last above everything else. Thought of another leafy green? Why not give it a try.

Various cheeses

Experiment with a variety of cheeses. Sure, start with a basic mozzarella because most pizzas need it. But then try a gorgonzola, camembert or any other favourite cheese. Nothing compares to the feeling I experience when tasting a divine combination of cheeses.

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