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Which Coat Hangers Are Best

November 28, 2018
Wardrobe of clothes on wooden and clip hangers

Choosing hangers for clothes in the wardrobe closet

We can benefit from caring for our clothes, whether they are bargain finds or treasured quality pieces. The right hanger can give more support for a garment. Improve storage in your wardrobe closet with these coat hanger ideas.

What clothes hangers I depend on

I now mostly use a mix of flocked velvet hangers and wooden hangers. Thin velvet clothing hangers are useful because they feel gentle and take up less space. I sometimes prefer a wooden clothes hanger to better support the shoulders of a garment. These criteria are personal preference. Anyone can shop at Amazon and other bargain sites for good prices on quality hangers. That extra care just could save clothes in the long term.

As for skirts and pants, I now always hang these on clip hangers. I prefer the metal hangers that just have clips. There are triangle-shaped wooden hangers that have clips attached. But I find that to be too bulky. To each their own.

The hangers I just sometimes use

Some clothes will cope on the right kind¬† of plastic hanger. I have some plastic clothes hangers that have little gaps at the shoulders. These are useful for spaghetti straps and thin sleeveless straps. I also use the plastic hangers for my husband’s clothes because he doesn’t mind. Setting up a wardrobe for my future child, that baby’s clothes will hang on kid-sized plastic hangers. There’s a time and a place for cheaper storage.

Clothes on clip hangers in wardrobe
Clothes on clip hangers in wardrobe.
Image: Pixabay creative commons edited

Clothing hangers to avoid when possible

My top hanger to avoid is the wire clothes hanger. These pieces of metal really do nothing for the clothes. They might be cheap. But the garments could stretch on these thin flimsy hangers. A metal clothing hanger can also feel too spiky. I don’t feel safe with those in the closet. So I get rid of them. Even the ones that are given free with the dry cleaning. Yes, I seem passionately opinionated about wire hangers. It’s for a reason.

Clothing storage during travel

Even when travelling, I don’t store my outfits on anything but wooden hangers in hotels. Some people bring flocked hangers in their luggage. I would only do that if I have enough baggage space. This dilemma can be avoided by mostly packing outfits that don’t crease.


Wooden coat hangers in the closet
Wooden coat hangers in the closet.
Image: Pixabay creative commons edited


Featured image at top: Pixabay creative commons edited


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